We began in 1921 and have remained relevant for women in town and country communities since then.

The winners of the 2015 Challenge Trophy (Indoor Bowls - Triples). From Romahapa WI, South Otago it was a real team effort with two who knew how to bowl and one who knew how to hold a trophy, wearing crocheted hats made by another WI member back home -worn home with pride on Air NZ! The team here with National President Kay Hart L - R is Biddy Craig (Skip), Donna Pettitt (Hop) and Shona Preddy (Second). Second place was Tikorangi WI (Evelyn Webster, Margaret Loveridge and Daphne Riley) from North Taranaki Federation and third Nelson Centre WI (Lois Burland, Rachel Waide and Margaret Parry) from Nelson Federation.

What we do

  • Offer friendship and fun
  • Travel and walking groups
  • Get involved with our local community
  • Encourage leadership
  • Teach and share homemaking skills
  • Provide opportunities for members to be involved in choral, drama, floral art, all types of handcraft and writing
  • Help others

Theme and Project

We always have a theme and project which covers two years. The current ones for 2018 - 2019 are:

"Share the Friendship"
"Teach a skill"

Look for opportunities in your community to share friendship through teaching a skill to others be it teaching cooking or preparing a budget. Or perhaps new people in your community have skills to teach you and the friendship offered is shared to make them feel at home.

Below: A spot of fun at Ararimu WI during their dinner meeting with a French theme - not only dining on French cuisine but dressing the part as well.

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